Mariusz Nowak

Warsaw, Poland
+48 693 427 795, @
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Involved into full-stack development of web applications since 2004, currently helping world's first mobility operator to successfully employ a Serverless (FaaS) architecture as a foundation for growing mobility ecosystem.

Since years, actively engaged into open source community. Developed and published many JavaScript tools and modules, which play important part in implementation of modern web applications (client & server side) that I work with.
Implemented light, extensible, in-memory database engine that allows decentralized, network independent and (while network connected) a real-time distribution/replication of database data.

Work Experience

2017 - today

MaaS Global

Senior Serverless (FaaS) Node.js Services Developer

Helping world's first Mobility as a Service operator to build mobility ecosystem on foundation of Serverless (FaaS) architecture.
Addressing various general design and maintenance challenges with long-term solutions. Implementation of FaaS adapters for external API's of various transport service providers.

2012 – 2017


eGovernment Consultant, Node.js/JavaScript Applications Architect

Architecture design and implementation of eRegistrations eGovernment system (Node.js/HTML5 application), which purpose is to computerize simple and complex administrative procedures. System can be easily adapted and configured for any administrative process (e.g. company registration, construction permits etc.)

Delivered four production systems, that allow online business registration in Salvador, Guatemala, Lomas (province of Buenos Aires) and Tanzania

Responsible for leading and mentoring a growing development team. Engaged into creating a dynamic, learning workplace.

2009 – 2012

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

JavaScript (Node.js/HTML5) Lead Developer

Architecture design and implementation of "Patient Registry" system, meant to serve doctors in remote areas of developing countries where there's poor or no network coverage.
Application was based on Node.js (v0.4 days), HTML5 and developed for a system's purpose decentralized, synchronizable in-memory database engine running in both server and client processes.
End application provided users with nearly fully working system in offline mode, which synchronized database changes, whenever in access to network connection.

2007 – 2009

JavaScript Lead Developer

Development and maintenance of JavaScript library for biggest then polish social network (2 million registered / 1 million active users).

Implementation of new dynamic features following emerging technology trends. Introduction of configuration language which allowed programmers with poor knowledge of JavaScript, configuration of dynamic behaviours without a need to work with JavaScript code.

2007 – 2009

Full Stack Developer, Server Administrator

Programming, server-side deployment and maintenance of then most popular in Poland restaurants guide (In 2014 acquired by Zomato and turned into


2000 – 2004

Politechnika Warszawska (Mechatronics)

Not finished, interrupted due to involvement into web development work

Spoken languages