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Future of web applications

Where client doesn't need server

Mariusz Nowak


JavaScript programmer at

At Roche we recently delivered HTML5 application

Targetted only for modern browsers

To support Offline mode we brought whole application to client-side.

Node.js on server-side synchronizes the clients and saves data to physical database (mongodb)

Minimalistic client-server communication based on sockets (Socket.IO)

Single-page application. Browser history is handled with HTML5 History API

Data is stored in browser's localStorage with simple id/hash values

Data manipulation is done with evented database engine written in JavaScript, taken in full to the client-side

All HTML templates are written in JavaScript, also taken in full to client-side

Server just backups the data and synchronizes clients if needed.

Final JavaScript file for client consists of 303 modules from 19 packages

It's CommonJS/NodeJS style modules bundled for browser with modules-webmake

Concatenated file is over 13 thousand lines long and weights about 450kB

219kB when minified

60kB when minified and gzipped

One average picture on Facebook weights 100-500kB (depends on screen resolution)


Thank you !

Mariusz Nowak


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